Are You Looking To Buy Your Own Infrared Sauna?

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Buy The Best Infrared Sauna

Buy The Best Infrared Sauna

Decisions – DECISions – DECISIONS… Right?

Since I’m a huge fan of the Infrared Sauna… and… since I’ve already intensely researched this market — allow me to shed some light and point you in the right direction.

Answer these 5 questions so you won’t get scammed when purchasing your new infrared sauna…

Buy infrared sauna Tip #1: Buying an infrared sauna is an “investment”

Like most things in life – you truly get what you pay for. However, that doesn’t mean you have to “over-spend!” You’ve probably noticed the wide variety of price ranges. Anywhere from $900.00 to $5,000.00 and beyond.

I’m here to tell you that if you’re going to “cheap out” and spend the least amount of money… save it.

Keep it in the bank or take your family on vacation. That way you’ll actually get something worthy for your money.

Low-priced infrared saunas will offer little to no benefit to you at all. They’re going to have cheap heaters – cheap controls – and be made out of cheap wood.

If you pony up and get one of the best, you’ll actually save yourself a lot of money and headache in the near future.

The best infrared saunas can literally be used for a lifetime… without any problems.

And that IS exactly what you want!

Buy Infrared Sauna Tip #2: Lies, lies, lies…

First off, don’t be fooled by all the claims and pretty pictures. Especially don’t be fooled by the little entertainment rooms many companies are now making. The ones where you can watch your favorite movie and listen to your favorite music.

Those are all fine and dandy but, most are simply covering up the main fact:

They are not providing you with the most important element… true far-infrared therapy. That’s what it’s all about. First and foremost. Anything after that is icing on the cake.

Buy Infrared Sauna Tip #3: It all starts with the heaters

Infrared sauna heaters really are the key element to receiving all the dynamic benefits far-infrared therapy is capable of giving you.

This IS what offers you true-healing-infrared-therapy. With superior heaters… You can tell a difference the very first time you use it.

For real patented technology go with carbon fiber flat heaters. The infrared sauna I use produces a surface heating area at over 629 cubic square inches.

It’s a soft but, thoroughly deep penetrating far-infrared radiant heat.

  • So powerful these Infrared Sauna heaters heat up to maximum temperature in under 10 minutes.
  • These heaters are the wide, thin, safe, and cost efficient.
  • Specifically designed to emit a full steady range of 9.4 microns – nothing else compares.
  • There’s NO grid of wires running through these heaters like cheap imitations.
  • They are some of the lowest EMF levels in the industry

Here’s another important point: Should you accidentally touch these heaters at maximum temperature, they will NOT burn you. This is vitally important because…

The size of the infrared wavelength is determined by the surface temperature of the infrared heater.

It is scientifically proven that the lower the surface temperature of the infrared heater – the longer the infrared wavelength will be. The higher the surface temperature the shorter the wavelength will be.

This all boils down to a more deep, penetrating, infrared heat.

This is very important. And unlike metal rods, ceramic covered metal rods, to ceramic coils, this will produce “true” far-infrared heat… rather than near-infrared and medium-infrared.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Buy Infrared Sauna Tip #4: Never invest in an infrared sauna unless the wood is top-notch!

The very best kind, in my opinion is, pure, grade-A, Red Cedar Wood.

Here’s just a few reasons why…

1) The wood is elegant and looks beautiful. No hand-crafted, high quality infrared sauna using this wood, will ever look exactly the same. Each will have its own distinct pattern and shade of color.

2) The aroma from the wood pleasures your senses and gives you a true experience. It smells fresh, inviting, and will for a lifetime.

3) This high-quality cedar has the unique ability to kill bacteria and mold. Making your unit  a snap to keep clean and safe.

4) This wood will never fade or lose its color. It will never bend out of form. And, unlike cheap wood that will crack and split by the heating up and cooling down wood type won’t.

Buy Infrared Sauna Tip #5: Warranty, warranty, warranty…

Be positive you get a “lifetime” warranty on all heaters and the craftsmanship. It’s also a great idea to see if they belong to the BBB. If a company takes this extra step, you know they are in the business to really please their customers.

After all, if they belong to the BBB you can easily see how many complaints they’ve had over the years!

In the end, there are only a few REALLY good companies out there if you’re looking to buy your own infrared sauna.

Be sure to follow the 5 tips above, and soon you’ll be experiencing the wonderful benefits the best infrared sauna is capable of giving you.

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What Are Some Of The Biggest Infrared Sauna Health Benefits?

Sep 10, 2015 by

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Everyone knows that sweating is good for you. If nothing else, you sweat when you’re working out, and everyone knows that working out is good for you also.

However, that connection isn’t the only reason sweating is good for you. Sweating clears out the pores, thus ensuring that you won’t have to worry about getting acne or infected hair follicles.

But that’s certainly not the only thing sweating does. Sweating is actually part of the human immune system. When you sweat, your body is helping to push chemicals out. Most of these chemicals aren’t harmful in small amounts.

It’s not as though sweating is going to get mercury out of your body or anything. However, many of the preservatives and filler chemicals that get put into a great deal of modern food tend to build up in our body.

Sweating helps get rid of those chemicals, which are otherwise built up in our bloodstream and in our various organs. These accumulated chemicals (also know as toxins) can be lethal if they continue to build up and not get released.

But what about if you don’t have time to work out vigorously?
No need to workout as much

Or you have a health condition?
medical condition

Or you have a handicap?
Handicap where you can't exercise

This is why saunas are so popular. Not only does it feel nice to sit around in heat and steam, letting your pores clear and allowing your body to feel the warmth, but it’s great for your health, as well.

And as a small side benefit, it can help stimulate weight loss. It’s such a great thing and that’s why you’ll find saunas in many gyms.

Lately, there’s been a new style of sauna that places have set up. It’s not a new technology but it has just recently become more mainstream.

These are called far infrared saunas.

What are they? How do they work? And why are they better than traditional saunas?

Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat the room instead of the traditional that heats rocks and uses steam. Infrared light is able to heat the body and induce sweating at a much lower temperature.

How does it do that? Because it actually seeps into your body and triggers the mechanism that causes body heat. By doing so, it’s essentially using your own body to do the heat up work. So unlike a traditional sauna, which tend to heat the body to a level that can be dangerous, infrared saunas can induce sweat at around 100 degrees.

This means that you can actually sit in an infrared sauna for much longer than you can sit in a traditional sauna. You don’t have to worry about over heating nearly as much, which means you can get a full breadth of sauna therapy.

Traditional saunas often make the skin and muscles overheat, which causes long term damage. There’s simply no worry about that with an infrared sauna. Plus you can breathe much easier. Unlike the Finnish, where breathing becomes much harder.

So, in summary, an infrared sauna benefits the body by making it sweat at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna. This causes you to sweat more, which in turn means your body is burning more calories and burning away more chemicals. It also keeps your skin and muscles from overheating, which means you’ll feel younger and more energetic. Infrared saunas are really the best kind of sauna to use, because they do everything you’d want out of a sauna, but better.

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Very Good Infrared Sauna YouTube Channel

Jul 17, 2015 by

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I was scouring the internet for some good information for you when I stumbled across a great infrared sauna youtube channel.

This guy has some really good information and I know you can learn a lot from him.

His name is Glen Porter and I’m going to list a few of his best videos below.

Look How Easy It Is To Assemble A Far Infrared Sauna

The Truth About Losing Weight With Far Infrared Saunas

Why Buying A Far Sauna Kit Is A Big Mistake

Also, while I’m at it, here’s some great far infrared sauna review information for you. This will make sure you invest in the right one.

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Are Infrared Saunas Better Than Traditional Saunas?

Jun 17, 2015 by

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Many people understand the positive health benefits of saunas. They heat your body, helping users to relax and unwind while getting rid of a lot of accumulated toxins via the sweat glands.

As great as traditional saunas are, there is a new technology on the block known as the infrared sauna that promises an even better experience.

Infrared saunas are superior to traditional saunas for a variety of reasons.

Far Infrared Or Traditional Saunas?

Far Infrared Or Traditional Saunas?

Traditional saunas work by a conventional process of heat transference. The air in an enclosed room is heated using one of a variety of processes.

When the hot air comes into contact with the skin, the heat in the air is transferred to the skin over time until both reach the same temperature. That same conduction process carries air throughout the rest of your body. This process takes some time and the outside skin surface area temperature must be raised a lot to heat interior body temperatures.

Conventional saunas suffer from a heat tolerance perspective as a result.

The higher the humidity, the lower the temperature the air can be heated to. A 100% humidity room might be limited to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, while Finnish saunas that generate very low levels of humidity can be taken closer to 200 degrees. The extreme external air temperatures, in either case, can be more than many can bear.

Especially if you have breathing problems.

Infrared saunas work on a completely different principle.

The air in these saunas is generally not heated much at all. Heat transfer instead, is achieved by far infrared radiation. The radiation passes straight through the air until it is absorbed by atoms in your  body, causing an increase in your temperature.

Read that again because it’s an important distinction.

This is the same type of radiation that causes your car to heat up rapidly when you leave the windows closed on a hot and sunny day.

The benefit of infrared radiation is that the air touching the skin will not heat up much at all. Thus it will not feel nearly as hot to your body. Meanwhile, your body is heated quite efficiently.

In fact…

Far infrared radiation can penetrate deeply into your body and heat it much more evenly.

Thus you can achieve higher temperatures within the body tissues themselves without increasing the skin temperatures nearly as much as with a conventional sauna. This is similar to the process used by infrared cookers to evenly cook meat dishes.

Since a person can withstand greater internal temperatures with these infrared saunas, the potential health benefits can be much greater without the same uncomfortable feeling that you will have with a traditional hot sauna.

For example, it is estimated that the removal of toxins from your body occurs with 15% higher efficiency in infrared saunas when compared to conventional saunas. These saunas also are much more energy efficient since no energy is wasted heating the air.

Since no large heating element is needed, they can also be made smaller and more portable.

Infrared saunas represent a new way for a person to gain the benefits of heat therapy. While avoiding the less comfortable heat of the traditional steam bath.

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