Are Infrared Saunas Better Than Traditional Saunas?

Jun 17, 2015 by

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Many people understand the positive health benefits of saunas. They heat your body, helping users to relax and unwind while getting rid of a lot of accumulated toxins via the sweat glands.

As great as traditional saunas are, there is a new technology on the block known as the infrared sauna that promises an even better experience.

Infrared saunas are superior to traditional saunas for a variety of reasons.

Far Infrared Or Traditional Saunas?

Far Infrared Or Traditional Saunas?

Traditional saunas work by a conventional process of heat transference. The air in an enclosed room is heated using one of a variety of processes.

When the hot air comes into contact with the skin, the heat in the air is transferred to the skin over time until both reach the same temperature. That same conduction process carries air throughout the rest of your body. This process takes some time and the outside skin surface area temperature must be raised a lot to heat interior body temperatures.

Conventional saunas suffer from a heat tolerance perspective as a result.

The higher the humidity, the lower the temperature the air can be heated to. A 100% humidity room might be limited to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, while Finnish saunas that generate very low levels of humidity can be taken closer to 200 degrees. The extreme external air temperatures, in either case, can be more than many can bear.

Especially if you have breathing problems.

Infrared saunas work on a completely different principle.

The air in these saunas is generally not heated much at all. Heat transfer instead, is achieved by far infrared radiation. The radiation passes straight through the air until it is absorbed by atoms in your  body, causing an increase in your temperature.

Read that again because it’s an important distinction.

This is the same type of radiation that causes your car to heat up rapidly when you leave the windows closed on a hot and sunny day.

The benefit of infrared radiation is that the air touching the skin will not heat up much at all. Thus it will not feel nearly as hot to your body. Meanwhile, your body is heated quite efficiently.

In fact…

Far infrared radiation can penetrate deeply into your body and heat it much more evenly.

Thus you can achieve higher temperatures within the body tissues themselves without increasing the skin temperatures nearly as much as with a conventional sauna. This is similar to the process used by infrared cookers to evenly cook meat dishes.

Since a person can withstand greater internal temperatures with these infrared saunas, the potential health benefits can be much greater without the same uncomfortable feeling that you will have with a traditional hot sauna.

For example, it is estimated that the removal of toxins from your body occurs with 15% higher efficiency in infrared saunas when compared to conventional saunas. These saunas also are much more energy efficient since no energy is wasted heating the air.

Since no large heating element is needed, they can also be made smaller and more portable.

Infrared saunas represent a new way for a person to gain the benefits of heat therapy. While avoiding the less comfortable heat of the traditional steam bath.

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